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A Day in the Life of Industrial Engineer Becca Lasky BSIE '16

Meet Becca Lasky, a Human Factors Engineer for Bombardier Transportation. Find out how she got there, the types of projects she’s working on, and how you can #BeThatEngineer

I didn’t decide to go into engineering until the week before starting college!  I had taken a class in engineering in high school, and I had helped lead a summer program that included STEM outreach.  But I just wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted to study in college.

I finally decided on engineering because I knew it was a viable career option, and if I decided to leave engineering later, it would be easy to transfer from engineering into something else.  Once I started studying engineering, I found out that I loved it!

What drew me to industrial engineering is how broad it is.  It covers many different aspects of work and many different industries.  I also liked that it is a lot more business-focused and less “physical design” focused.  I like designing systems and that’s what industrial engineers do. 

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Author: Author: Becca Lasky

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