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A Record Turn Out at the December 11th MOST-AM Consortium Meeting

The MOST-AM Consortium is a public-private partnership aimed at developing the most advanced modeling and simulation tools for additive manufacturing (AM). To achieve its goals, the consortium leverages a generous gift from one of its elite members (ANSYS) along with membership fees, the talent of Pitt’s faculty and Consortium members, and research projects at Pitt funded by government agencies such as America Makes, NSF, NASA, Army, and others.

The December 11, 2019 meeting hosted at the ANSYS Training Center in Canonsburg, PA boasted 70 attendees and presentations from experts in Additive Manufacturing.   

Presentations to Included:
AM Simulation – Dave Conover (ANSYS)
Fast Metal AM – Byron Kennedy (Spee3D)
Dissolvable Supports – Owen Hildreth (Colorado School of Mines)
De-powdering Machine Design – Pitt Senior Design Team
AM Modeling – Devlin Hayduke (Materials Science Corp)
Geometric Modeling – Bradley Rothenberg (nTopology)
Wire-feed AM – Tobias Rohrich (GEFERTECH)
AM Metal Fatigue - Joy Gockel (Wright State University)
Real-Time Manufacturing – Xiayun Zhao (University of Pittsburgh)

Contact: Liza Allison