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Action! Pitt ECE graduate student Santino Graziani appears in newest Eaton Power Systems Experience Center video

Santino Fiorello Graziani, a graduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the latest University of Pittsburgh student to appear in a video highlighting the Power Systems Experience Center (PSEC) at Eaton. In the video, Mr. Graziani uses a water systems analogy to explain how electrical systems work to young Kendra Carnovale.

"Eaton’s Power Systems Experience Center is the ideal place to learn about electrical power systems in a safe controlled environment, and both Kendra and Santino do a wonderful job of explaining a very technical subject in a simple manner," explained Daniel Carnovale, PSEC manager. "The PSEC’s goal is to help take the mystery out of electrical power systems spanning from utility substation equipment to the receptacle in your home, making them come to life. If you can't explain the technology to a young child, then you don't really understand the technology."

As an undergraduate in 2015, Mr. Graziani was one of three IEEE PES Scholarship Plus recipients in the Department.

Contact: Paul Kovach