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Additive Manufacturing Researcher Xiayun Zhao Joins UPCAM

Xiayun Sharon Zhao, Assistant Professor
Dr. Zhao received a B.S. in precision engineering from Tsinghua University, and M.S. and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. She worked as an instrumentation and control system engineer in Houston for a couple of years before pursuing her Ph.D. Her dissertation with advisor Dr. David Rosen was “Real-time Process Measurement and Control for Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing.” She received award of “Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research” from the American Chemical Society (ACS). She has published in journals including Measurement Science and Technology, Rapid Prototyping, and Additive Manufacturing. She has given over ten invited talks in academia and a dozen of presentations at conferences across disciplines of manufacturing, control and chemical. Her research focuses on real-time process monitoring, measurement science and control technology for additive manufacturing, as well as on advanced manufacturing (e.g., 3D/4D/Bio/Hybrid Printing) for multi-scale, multi-material and multi-functional structures and systems in novel applications.

Read More about her work in Additive Manufacturing: http://additivemanufacturing.com/2018/09/07/additive-manufacturing-researcher-xiayun-zhao-joins-pitts-swanson-school-of-engineering/ 

Contact: Liza Allison