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Bioengineering sends a record number of undergraduates to the 2018 BMES Annual Meeting

PITTSBURGH (September 24, 2018) … The University of Pittsburgh Department of Bioengineering is gearing up for this year’s Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting. The Swanson School of Engineering will be represented by a number of faculty and students; most notably, a department record-breaking 57 undergraduate students. This year’s meeting will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event on October 17-20 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We encourage our undergraduate students to take their education experience beyond the classroom and participate in scientific research. BMES is a great opportunity for them to present their work and learn more about their field by attending talks and networking with other participants,” said Arash Mahboobin, undergraduate coordinator and assistant professor of bioengineering.

Over 35 bioengineering undergraduate students presented at the 2017 annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ. For BMES 2018, the department saw over a sixty percent increase in the amount of participants with 57 students presenting 59 submitted abstracts.

The large number of participating students this year could make the Pitt BMES chapter a contender for the Fleetest Feet Award, which acknowledges the chapter traveling the most miles to attend the conference (the number students times the distance traveled). The award was founded in 1992 by the Arizona State University BMES student chapter and promotes student participation in the BMES Annual Meeting.

“It is great to see our students continually show interest in this annual event,” said Sanjeev Shroff, professor and Gerald E. McGinnis Chair of Bioengineering. “This group of talented individuals will help showcase the impressive research being performed in the Swanson School of Engineering.”


Contact: Leah Russell