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Dr. Di Gao receives inaugural Owens Corning Early Career Award

PITTSBURGH (November 7, 2011) ... Di Gao, Ph.D. , associate professor and William Kepler Whiteford Faculty Fellow was presented with the the 2011 Inaugural Owens Corning Early Career Award for his outstanding creativity in the area of nano-materials design and development which have had a tremendous impact in both academic and technical terms. Prof. Gao received the award and delivered the keynote presentation at the MESD Plenary Session at the fall 2011 meeting in Minneapolis, Minn..

The Owens Corning Early Career Award recognizes outstanding independent contributions to the scientific, technological, educational or service areas of materials science and engineering. Selection criteria include: 1. Active and participating membership* in the Materials Engineering and Sciences Division (MESD) of AIChE. 2. Age less than 40 years in the year the Award is given. 3. Outstanding materials-related work in discovery, research, process or product development, education, and/or service. * "Active and participating" presupposes dues payment in MESD, as well as one or more of the following during the past several years: co-authorship of presentations or posters in conference sessions sponsored by MESD, and/or MESD service as session chair/co-chair, program area chair, or Division Director.


Contact: Paul Kovach