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Dr. Ipsita Banerjee selected to participate in NAE's Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium

WASHINGTON  (September 17, 2012) ...  Ipsita Banerjee, PhD , assistant professor of chemical and petroleum engineering at the Swanson School of Engineering, was selected as one of 72 of the nation's most innovative, young engineering educators to participate in the  National Academy of Engineering's  fourth  Frontiers of Engineering Education  (FOEE) symposium. Faculty members who are developing and implementing innovative educational approaches in a variety of engineering disciplines will come together for the 2-1/2-day event, where they can share ideas, learn from research and best practice in education, and leave with a charter to bring about improvement in their home institution. The attendees were nominated by fellow engineers or deans and chosen from a highly competitive pool of applicants. The symposium will be held Oct. 14-17 in Irvine, Calif.

"The Frontiers of Engineering Education program creates a unique venue for engineering faculty members to share and explore interesting and effective innovations in teaching and learning," said NAE President Charles M. Vest. "We want FOEE to become a major force in identifying, recognizing, and promulgating advances and innovations in order to build a strong intellectual infrastructure and commitment to 21st-century engineering education."

This year's program will focus on innovations in the context, curriculum, and delivery of engineering education. "It is absolutely critical that U.S. engineering educators learn how to become more effective in the classroom, utilizing technology and pedagogy in creative ways in order to produce more innovative graduates who have the ability to address the complex problems of the 21st century," said  Larry Shuman, PhD , Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Distinguished Service Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, and the chair of the FOEE planning committee. "To do otherwise will cede the nation's place as an educational leader to other, more aggressive countries. At FOEE these outstanding faculty will learn about the newest educational developments ranging from MOOCs (massive, open, online, courses) to online publishing." 

The 2012 Frontiers of Engineering Education symposium is sponsored by John McDonnell and the McDonnell Family Foundation. 

The mission of the National Academy of Engineering is to advance the well-being of the nation by promoting a vibrant engineering profession and by marshalling the expertise and insights of eminent engineers to provide independent advice to the federal government on matters involving engineering and technology.

About Ipsita Banerjee

Professor Banerjee's research interest focuses on the area of process systems engineering and optimization and their applications in different chemical and bio-engineering problems. She is currently developing novel methods for differentiating embryonic stem cells to the pancreatic lineage and applying systems engineering principles in analyzing the regulatory network of the differentiating cell population. She is also interested in reaction network modeling energy efficient combustion processes.
Her research topics include:
• Embryonic stem cell differentiation;
• Analysis of regulatory network of the differentiating embryonic stem cells;
• Systems biology;
• Uncertainty evaluation and robust model prediction in the presence of experimental uncertainty;
• Nonlinear programming, Integer programming;
• Reaction model reduction for hydrocarbon combustion;
• Process feasibility and flexibility analysis;

To learn more about my research programs, please visit: