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Green Speakeasy: Deans Discuss Accelerated Sustainability Goals at Pitt

PITTSBURGH (Feb. 19, 2020) … As the effects of climate change rapidly become more apparent, the University of Pittsburgh is accelerating part of its sustainability plan. In line with its 250th anniversary, the University commits to becoming carbon neutral by 2037. 

On Mar. 16, 2021, the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation (MCSI) will celebrate Pitt’s newest sustainability-minded deans and reflect on the work ahead to achieve these carbon neutrality goals

Following a welcome message from Provost Ann Cudd, the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs' Carissa Slotterback and the Graduate School of Public Health’s Maureen Lichtveld will discuss their work in sustainability and their hopes for Pitt’s sustainability efforts. 

Dean Lichtveld studies environmental public health, focusing on environmentally induced disease, health disparities, environmental health policy, disaster preparedness, public health systems, and community resilience. Her research examines the cumulative impact of chemical and non-chemical stressors on communities facing environmental health threats, disasters, and health disparities.  

Dean Slotterback is widely recognized for her research and teaching on public engagement and decision making in environmental, land use, and transportation planning. She has led a number of initiatives focused on interdisciplinary and engaged research and education and has held a number of leadership roles with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning.

The School of Law’s Dean Amy Wildermuth will moderate the discussion as the panel and participants share ideas about the future of sustainability at the University.

“We are excited to bring together three of our deans to share their vision for sustainability at Pitt and forge a path toward carbon neutrality,” said Gena Kovalcik, co-director of the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation. “The Pitt Sustainability Plan was implemented in 2018, and while we have made great strides, it is only through these cross-campus collaborations that our goals will be achieved.”

The Green Speakeasy series was created in 2014 as a mechanism to bring together faculty, staff and student communities and to foster and advance interdisciplinary teaching, research and engagement at the intersection of the three tenets of sustainability.

This talk is sponsored by MCSI, in partnership with Pitt Sustainability, and part of the Swanson School’s 175th Anniversary Year of Engineering Excellence. You can register for the virtual event at https://pitt.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cwmJr6YgQwELrzo.

Contact: Leah Russell