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Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science promotes career opportunities within steel industry


Materials science was a popular engineering discipline back in the 1960s, when Anthony DeArdo - now Pitt's William Kepler Whiteford Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science in the Swanson School of Engineering-was an undergraduate student.

"It was the early days of the oil embargos, and everyone wanted to develop stronger steel that was more energy efficient," recalls DeArdo, who was a metallurgical engineering major. "We were the top dogs."

DeArdo, who also is the director of Pitt's Basic Metals Processing Research Institute, would like to see the study of ferrous metallurgy and subsequent employment in the steel industry recapture some of that former cachet. Many engineering students overlook the possibility of a career in the metals manufacturing industries in favor of newer fields such as sustainability or bioengineering. "The steel industry needs these students-and studying ferrous metallurgy offers many professional opportunities," he says.

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Author: Lynn Shea

Contact: Paul Kovach