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MEMS Associate Professor Paul Ohodnicki Receives IEEE William M. Portnoy Award for Best Paper

IEEE Winners 2022

Paul Ohodnicki, associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering, has received the IEEE William M. Portnoy Best Paper Award. The IEEE Industrial Applications Society (IAS) Power Electronics Device and Component Committee (PEDCC) presented the honor at the 14th annual IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (ECCE), held Oct. 9-13 in Detroit.

The paper, “Permeability Engineered Soft Magnetics for Power Dense Energy Conversion,” (DOI: 10.1109/ECCE47101.2021.9594967) examines various permeability profiles for tape wound cores made from a new class of Cobalt-rich alloys to allow for the greatest variation and control of flux density, which ultimately impacts performance. This work can ultimately help to improve power electronics-based converters and is in the process of being commercialized through an exclusive license to CorePower Magnetics, an early stage Pittsburgh based start-up.