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Pitt Announces the Pitt Sustainability Challenge

The New Pitt Sustainability Challenge Launches, with a Chance to Win $300,000 for Carbon Neutrality Solutions

Pitt Sustainability Challenge Square v1

The University of Pittsburgh’s sustainability journey is focused on balancing equity, environment, and economics so current and future generations can thrive. Keeping this in focus, Pitt has active sustainability efforts and initiatives across disciplines, domains, and scales — including pursuing carbon neutrality by 2037.

The newest University of Pittsburgh Sustainability effort is the Pitt Sustainability Challenge, which will award $300,000 to an integrated, impactful, durable, and feasible solution to advance carbon neutrality with lasting benefits for the Pitt community. 

The Pitt Sustainability Challenge invites the public to put forth their best ideas to advance carbon neutrality for the University of Pittsburgh community.  Pitt students, faculty, and staff are (of course) invited to participate, but applications are also open for external nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Proposals must demonstrate deep integration and alignment with Pitt’s existing sustainability frameworks, including the Pitt Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan

Teams from across the Pitt community are encouraged to participate.Eligible organizations must register by Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time in order to apply. 

Please visit the Challenge website to learn more and consider sharing this opportunity with your network. If you have questions, email questions@pittsustainabilitychallenge.org.