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Pitt students garner three Goldwater Scholarships, a Udall Scholarship, and Honorable Mention

PITTSBURGH  (April 3, 2013) ... University of Pittsburgh students have been recognized in two prestigious national scholarship competitions, one honoring late U.S. Senator from Arizona Barry M. Goldwater (1909-98) and the other honoring brothers who both served as U.S. Representatives from Arizona-Morris K. Udall (1922-98) and Stewart L. Udall (1920-2010); Stewart Udall also served as U.S. Secretary of the Interior throughout the Kennedy and Johnson administrations (1961-69).

Adair Borges, majoring in microbiology; David Eckman, majoring in industrial engineering; and Michael Nites, majoring in industrial engineering, applied mathematics, and economics, have been named 2013 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship winners for their exceptional independent research in science and engineering.

Katherine N. Luke, majoring in economics and environmental studies, has received a Udall Scholarship for her research and leadership in environmental advocacy.

Kevin Day, majoring in bioengineering, received an honorable mention in the Goldwater Scholarship competition. Rachel Meyer, majoring in mechanical engineering, received an honorable mention in the Udall Scholarship competition.

The students, all in their junior year, were nominated for the scholarships through the auspices of Pitt's University Honors College. Borges, Eckman, and Nites bring Pitt's total number of Goldwater Scholars since 1995 to 41, and Luke is the seventh Pitt student to win a Udall Scholarship since 1995.

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