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Pitt students invent Canal Battery Guard, a novel way to keep your phone battery alive longer

Swanson School students Mohamed Morsy (ECE), Nick Kshatri (BIO), and Matt Rosenblatt (BIO) developed the Canal Battery Guard during their Art of Making course and are now taking it to Kickstarter. Their device doubles the lifespan of a phone's battery through an optimized charging algorithm to minimize overheating.

Their work was featured by NextPittsburgh. Click here to read the full article

When Mohamed Morsy, Nick Kshatri and Matt Rosenblatt started a first-year engineering class at Pitt called The Art of Making, they had no idea that four years later, they’d still be working together.

The problem they hoped to solve: The more you charge your phone, the weaker the battery becomes.

“It was an idea I had prior to taking this class,” says Morsy. “Battery life is always a big issue for a cell phone. Everyone I know has faced this problem with their phone at some point.” What if there was a better way?

That question led to the trio’s creation of the Canal Battery Guard, which aims to preserve your phone’s battery, extending the lifespan of your phone. Where most smartphone manufacturers are adding ways to speed up charging, the Canal Battery Guard takes the opposite approach: slowing down charging overnight to give the battery periods of rest.

Author: Michael Machosky, 8/26/20

Contact: Leah Russell