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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette features Civil Engineering Student-Athlete Zach Smith

Pitt junior guard has taken a long ride to major-college scholarship

There’s a dreamlike feeling that engulfs Lori Smith every time she and her husband enter Petersen Events Center.

As they arrive at their seats, getting there early enough to see the end of Pitt’s pregame warm-up, they look for their son, Zach, a junior guard on the team. Before every game, without fail, he looks up, locks eyes with them and waves. It’s a brief moment, lasting no longer than two seconds, but it reinforces a reality that sometimes seems like anything but — her son is a Division I basketball player.

“It’s not surreal once in a while; it’s every time we talk about it,” Lori said. “It’s an unbelievable opportunity he’s been given.”

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