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Professor Robert Parker receives 2017 Pommersheim Award for Excellence in Teaching

PITTSBURGH (December 18, 2017) ... Recognizing his significant accomplishments over the past year, Robert Parker received the 2017 winner of the James Pommersheim Award for Excellence in Teaching in Chemical Engineering at the Department's annual gathering this evening.

In presenting the award, Department Chair Steven Little noted that Dr. Parker was promoted to Vice Chair for Graduate Education, graduated four PhD students (in one year), published eight papers, ran an REU program, received a 4.75 OTE score in 0500 Process Systems with 63 students (as an overload teaching assignment), established ENGR 1933 Engineering a Craft Brewery with the most successful first-offering elective in the history of the Swanson School, and won the Swanson School of Engineering’s Outstanding Educator Award this fall.  

The Pommersheim Award was established by the Department and James M. Pommersheim '70 to recognize departmental faculty in the areas of lecturing, teaching, research methodology, and research mentorship of students. Dr. Pommersheim, formerly Professor of Chemical Engineering at Bucknell University, received his bachelor's, master's and PhD in chemical engineering from Pitt.


Contact: Paul Kovach