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Roc-ettes Have Fun, Gain Real-World Experience at Red Bull Flugtag Event

Pitt engineering students apply engineering experience to Redbull Flugtag event in Pittsburgh

For a Pitt team, competing in the Red Bull Flugtag — a traveling competition for teams and their homemade aircraft — wasn’t just about winning.

The group of students and a recent alumnus of the Swanson School of Engineering, dubbed the Roc-ettes — a play on the name of Pitt's panther mascot Roc — challenged themselves, learned a lot and came away with an experience unlike any other.
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“We learned helpful information on designing and building such a massive object,” said Ryan Blair, a mechanical engineering alumnus, of the 24-foot machine. “We researched, designed and built a craft using our technical knowledge. We applied what we learned in school.

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Photo above: The Roc-ettes pose with their aircraft in the staging area at the Red Bull Flugtag on Aug. 5. The team of Swanson School of Engineering students and one recent graduate competed with 37 teams. From left, Paul Gatto, Nick Bertani, Rina Zhang, Chad Foster, Ryan Blair and Theo Schwarz. (Pittwire)

Author: Kevin Zwick, University Communications

Contact: Kevin Zwick