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Seven Engineering Students Receive NSF GRFP Fellowships

Seven of the 12 Pitt Fellows from Pitt Hail from the Swanson School of Engineering

Five graduate students and two recent graduates from the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering received competitive fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) in 2022. 

“These awards reward students who have done amazing research and will do amazing research in the future,” said Lesha Greene, director of national scholarships in Pitt’s University Honors College.

Open to senior undergraduates and first- and second-year graduate students in STEM, the program awards a $34,000 stipend for three years along with $12,000 to support tuition.

“Knowing that there’s some funding to back me up — I’m feeling a ton of excitement and a bit relieved,” awardee Asher Hancock (ENGR ’22), told Pittwire

The 2022 winners from the Swanson School are: 


Jazlyn Gallego, bioengineering 

Amanda Pellegrino, bioengineering

Brittany Rodriguez, bioengineering

Rebecca Segel, chemical and petroleum engineering 

Barbaro Zulueta, chemical and petroleum engineering


Eli Brock, electrical and computer engineering (ENGR ’22)

Asher Hancock, mechanical engineering (ENGR ’22)

More information and the full list of Pitt winners can be found here.