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Swanson School announces winners of Spring 2018 Design Expo

PITTSBURGH (April 23, 2018) ... The University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering announced the winners of its Spring 2018 Design Expo, held Thursday, April 19 at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum. The winning teams were selected from nearly 100 projects. The Design Expo showcases student engineering designs to industry and the public, and allows engineering student teams to display their creativity and ingenuity in addressing real world problems.

View the 2018 Design Expo Photo Album.

Best Overall Project
ECE-4: SoleSense    
Advisors: Dr. Sam Dickerson & Dr. Ahmed Dallal
Mike Gabrin, Ben Knopfmacher, Alex Patton

People’s Choice Award

MEMS-6: Design of a Jet Motor for a Small Autonomous Boat        
Advisors: Dr. David Schmidt & Dr. David Sanchez        
Jordan Bichler, Connor Dayton, Connor Dudas, Brian Goettel, Peter Shilowich, Josh Winzek

1st Place Bioengineering
BioE-14: A Tool for Natural Sleep Endoscopy    
Advisor: Dr. Mark Gartner
Larissa Allen, Shushma Gudla, Deepa Issar, Justin Ke, Henry Phalen

2nd Place Bioengineering
BioE-13: Output-measuring Bedpad for Incontinent Patients    
Advisor: Dr. Mark Gartner
Ian Christman, Bianca De, Jillian Gallagher (Nursing), Brian Kolich, Nash Vedanaparti, Toby Zhu

3rd Place Bioengineering

BioE-4: Pediatric PCA pump redesign        
Advisor: Dr. Mark Gartner
Akhil Aniff, Patrick Haggerty, Joy Huang, Avin Khera, Tyler Martin

1st Place Civil & Environmental Engineering

CEE-1: I-79 PA-51 Interchange Replacement Project    
Advisor: Dr. Max Stephens    
Nicholas Bruni, Brett Ford, Julissa Garcia, Kevin Gibson, Amedeo Hirata, David Matelan, Colin Mitchell

2nd Place Civil & Environmental Engineering

CEE-6: Buttermilk Falls: Accessibility and Revitalization Project    
Advisor: Dr. Mark Magalotti    
Andrew     Campbell, Matthew Gregoire, Kyle Kosinski, Jacob O'Neal, Sarah Russek, Coby Sartin, Patrick Smith

1st Place Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE-4: SoleSense    
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sam Dickerson & Dr. Ahmed Dallal
Mike Gabrin, Ben Knopfmacher, Alex Patton

2nd Place Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE-16: Measure Intuit    
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sam Dickerson & Dr. Ahmed Dallal
Kevin Gilboy, Kevin Le, Dylan McGuire, Nicholas Petro

3rd Place Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE-1: 6 Degree of Freedom UAV Using Side Rotors    
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sam Dickerson & Dr. Ahmed Dallal
Liam Berti, Levi Burner, Ritesh Misra, Long Vo

1st Place Industrial Engineering

IE-2: Improving Production Efficiency at Little Earth Productions    
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Louis Luangkesorn
Emily Ahearn, Luis Rojas-Romero, Rachel Smith

2nd Place Industrial Engineering
IE-7: St. Clair Hospital - Operating Room Inventory System Improvements    
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Louis Luangkesorn
Tanya Bahl, Jacob Bowley, John Cordier, Kelly Larson

1st Place Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
MEMS-9: Design of Water Cooling System for a Linear Motor        
Advisor: Dr. David Schmidt/Aerotech       
Kyle Bauer, Brady Cameron, Christian Fink, Aaron Johnson, Andrew Ragonese

2nd Place Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
MEMS-13: CubeRover - Democratizing Space Exploration        
Advisor: Dr. David Schmidt/Astrobotic
Thomas Anthony, Stephen Dolhi, Nate Grygo, David Ross, Daniel Sauder    

3rd Place Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
MEMS-15: Defense Force Strike Meter        
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Congedo        
Sarah Becker, Mike Capolupo, Ian Dougherty, Isabel Hagopian, Nickolas Hokaj, Kelsey Williams    

1st Place Product Realization
PR-1: Lockout - An RFID Safety Enforcing Mechanism for SSoE Makerspaces and Machine Shops
Advisor: Dr. William (Buddy) Clark and Brandon Barber
Bryan Patrick Farren, Woodrow Fulmer, Kevin Gilboy, Chen Zhu

2nd Place Product Realization
PR-10: The Locatable Cane
Advisors: Marc Tobias/Eric Winter
Sean Klevens, Sean O’Brien, Jennifer Patterson, Ethan Paules

1st Place Art of Making
AOM-6: uplift - Increasing Elevator Efficiency and Usability                        
Advisor: Joseph Samosky
Ben Codd, Colman Glagovich, Luke Karavolis, Owen Lucas, Jack Protivnak        

2nd Place Art of Making

AOM-4: recycle - A Sustainable Solution for Menstrual Products      
Advisor: Joseph Samosky
Gracie Barrineau, Andrew Imredy, Chris Snodgrass, Tynan Tinley, Ruben Verhagen

Contact: Paul Kovach