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Swanson School Senior Micah Toll set to grow his start-up, Pulse PEVO

After riding among a caravan of bright blue bikes up Oakland's O'Hara Street Thursday, University of Pittsburgh senior Micah Toll said he wasn't surprised by the attention from onlookers. Especially considering that they were gliding up the inclined roadway at about 15 mph without pedaling.

"People have been really impressed, said Mr. Toll, the 22-year-old CEO of Pulse Motors and co-creator of the 2012 Pulse PEVO, a hybrid electric/pedal bicycle featuring the throttle and battery life its creators say can transform travel in Pittsburgh.

Read more in the  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette .  Micah Toll and Pulse Motors have received support from the  Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation .

Contact: Paul Kovach