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A Lesson in Self-Advocacy for the Woman Engineer

The Women’s+ Networking Conference returns for its fourth year on Oct. 21 to improve the livelihood and longevity of women working in STEM

The number of women working in STEM fields is growing, but challenges still remain. Luckily, growing tribes of professional women and allies are here to help the next generation of young engineers. 

The Women’s+ Plus Networking Conference is returning for its fourth year on Oct. 21 in Benedum Hall, home of the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering, to help women reach their full career potential. 

“The Women’s+ Networking Conference is a chance to not only network and learn from other strong women, but to empower the next generation of women to become great leaders,” said Dana Romano, director of career and industry engagement at Pitt’s Swanson School. “It is our responsibility as women, mothers, sisters, and friends to pass our knowledge forward and give back.”

This year’s event will feature a keynote speech from Stephanie Slocum, P.E., the author of “She Engineers: Unlocking Your Potential with Strategic Self-Advocacy” and founder and CEO of Engineers Rising LLC. In her interactive keynote, attendees will learn: 

  • Why self-advocacy is the essential skill for women engineers who desire maximum impact and career happiness
  • The biggest self-advocacy mistakes early-career women professionals make and what to do instead
  • What self-advocacy behaviors look like in your first years in the workforce based on current trends in women leaders who have rapidly accelerated into leadership roles

Those in attendance will also receive a signed copy of Slocum’s book. 

Planning the Women’s+ Networking Conference is a collaborative effort between faculty, staff, and students at the Swanson School to ensure needs are met and voices are heard for a comprehensive event. 

“The Women’s+ Networking Conference is a time to uplift, educate, and fellowship,” said Yvette Moore, director of Pitt EXCEL at the Swanson School. “The participants are promoted regarding self-worth and learn strategies that will help them thrive both personally and professionally. No matter what stage you are in life, everyone needs touch points for growth. The Women’s+ Networking Conference is that touch point!”

Kristin Bindas, a student studying bioengineering at the Swanson School, attended the event last year and said the event was incredibly important for her growth as a person and professional. 

“This event gave me confidence in my abilities as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field to advocate for myself and understand just how important I am,” she said. “I think all women should attend an event like this – even just to talk through frustrating moments in the workplace and to understand that there is always someone to turn to.” 

The event, open to all students, faculty and staff, will conclude with a networking brunch and opportunity to reflect on the day’s themes. 

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