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‘Algorithms in the Wild’: Pitt’s new class uses real-world data to impact positive social change

Ever since his postdoc, Amin Rahimian has been interested in the implications of algorithmic economies and the data behind how society operates on a larger scale. Now, as an assistant professor of industrial engineering at the University of Pittsburgh who recently won a Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grant, the 36-year-old Four Mile Run resident translated that interest into a unique class. Thanks to a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, his students got to create human-centered algorithms to solve real problems in our region.

Can a Veteran Oil Man Clean Up the Railroad Commission’s Mess?

Pitt Engineering alumnus Bill Burch is running to raise awareness of groundwater contamination

Pittsburgh neglected Fern Hollow Bridge warnings for years, federal investigation finds

Kent Harries, an engineering professor and bridge expert at the University of Pittsburgh, said that while the Fern Hollow collapse and the NTSB’s findings could spur reform in how local governments handle bridge maintenance, a lack of resources is still likely to constrain those efforts — leading to deferred maintenance, and ever-increasing issues and costs. “If I never visited a doctor until I turned 50, I probably wouldn’t be in that good a shape, regardless of the health care I am able to get after age 50,” Harries said. “Fern Hollow is a particularly poignant illustration of what happens when you defer maintenance.”

Brewing course offers students opportunity to craft their own beer

Robert Parker, a home beer brewer of 25 years and engineering professor at Pitt, decided he wanted to “do something different” and bring his “passion to work.” Alongside his colleagues Rob Toplak and Dan Cole, Parker did just that by introducing the course Science, Technology, and Culture of Craft Brewing to the engineering department at Pitt.