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A world of opportunities

The Pitt News features MEMS Assistant Professor Irene Mena

From The Pitt News

When Irene Mena got her U.S. citizenship Feb. 28 at the Pittsburgh Courthouse, her colleague and friend Dan Budny brought her a cake adorned with an American flag and the words “Congratulations Irene!” written under it.

She ate a piece and then drove right back to her office in Benedum Hall.

“After that, it was like, ‘Well, okay, back to work,’” she laughed.

This relaxed attitude has governed Mena’s entire life. It’s what’s kept her passionate about teaching, performing arts and science and ensured she stays focused on her work as an assistant professor in Pitt’s mechanical engineering and materials science department. It’s also enabled her to undergo major life changes without phasing her confidence.

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Author: Brian Gentry, Staff Writer, The Pitt News

Contact: Brian Gentry