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Industrial Engineering Professor Wins Outstanding Young Investigator Award in Manufacturing and Design

PITTSBURGH (May 13, 2020) — The Manufacturing & Design (M&D) Division  at the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE) has selected Mostafa Bedewy, PhD, as winner of the 2020 M&D Outstanding Young Investigator Award. Bedewy is assistant professor of industrial engineering at the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering.

The award recognizes outstanding early-career M&D Division members, who have made “high impact scientific contributions to the manufacturing and design field as evidenced by their research endeavors including publications, intellectual property and other funding and dissemination activities.”

“Mostafa is an outstanding researcher and teacher and has contributed to a range of modern manufacturing methods,” said Jayant Rajgopal, PhD, professor of industrial engineering at Pitt and IISE Fellow, who nominated Bedewy for this award. “As the junior most member of our department’s outstanding manufacturing group, he is well on his way to becoming a star in his own right. He is already recognized around the country by his peers, and this award is a validation of this recognition.”

Bedewy leads the NanoProduct Lab at Pitt, which focuses on fundamental research at the intersection of nanoscience, biotechnology and manufacturing engineering.  The lab’s research aims to bridge the gap that currently exists between promising proof-of-concept functional nanostructures/biomaterials (in lab-scale environment) and mass-produced products (in industry). 

“The societal impact of nano-/biosciences sometimes hinges on our ability to develop novel manufacturing methods that transform discoveries into viable technological solutions, especially those impacting energy, healthcare, and the environment,” said Bedewy. “Hence, our work is highly interdisciplinary, and that’s why it has been published in scientific journals specialized in physical chemistry, as well as in manufacturing and process engineering.”

Bedewy's research interests include nano- and micro-manufacturing; biology-assisted manufacturing; cybermanufacturing and data analytics; chemical vapor deposition (CVD); patterning/processing of biomolecules and biointerfaces; surface engineering and coating technology; bottom-up synthesis and self-assembly of nanoparticles and nanofilaments; and in situ materials characterization and metrology.

He joined the Swanson School of Engineering in Fall 2016 after a postdoctoral associate position in bionanofabrication at MIT. He completed his doctorate at the University of Michigan in 2013. His work has been previously recognized by the Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) in 2018; the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) in 2017; and the Robert A. Meyer Award from the American Carbon Society in 2016.

Author: Maggie Pavlick

Contact: Maggie Pavlick