19:17 PM

MEMS Professor Paul Ohodnicki to Present at European Workshop on Optical Fiber Sensors

Written by: Jessica Pendrick

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Paul Ohodnicki, has been invited to the 2023 European Workshop on Optical Fiber Sensors (EWOFS) as a plenary speaker. The workshop will be hosted in Mons, Belgium from May 23-26. EWOFS is focused on bringing together top minds from around the world in the Optical Fiber Sensor industry, enabling open discussions about new academic, industrial, and technological advancements, and promoting new connections and collaborations.  

Dr. Ohodnicki, one of four plenary speakers, will discuss Optical Fiber Sensors for Energy Infrastructure Sensing. “The presentation will provide an overview of our work and collaborations in the area of optical fiber based sensing for energy infrastructure monitoring,” he explains. “Optical fibers are an emerging technology with great potential for monitoring of a wide range of infrastructure including pipelines, electrical grid assets (transformers, cables, etc.), and nuclear power generation and waste storage facilities.”  

The ability to speak at an international event such as EWOFS solidifies the importance of the research done here at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Ohodnicki further states, “In addition to our own research, we will also be highlighting our collaborations with the National Energy Technology Laboratory through the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding and the University of Pittsburgh Infrastructure Sensing Collaboration (UPISC).”