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MEMS Senior Receives NASA Fellowship

Noah Sargent, a mechanical engineering senior, received a prestigious NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (NSTRF) award. Sargent will begin the materials science and engineering PhD program at Pitt this coming fall where he will put the fellowship to use.

According to the NASA website, the goal of the fellowship is to sponsor graduate students who show significant potential to contribute to NASA’s goal of creating innovative new space technologies for our Nation’s science, exploration and economic future. The award will be made in the form of a training grant accredited to the University on behalf of Sargent, where faculty advisor Dr. Wei Xiong will serve as the principal investigator. The award is for $80,000/year for up to four years. Additionally, Sargent will be matched with a technically relevant and community-engaged NASA Subject Matter Expert, who will serve as a research collaborator.  

Sargent is a part of the Physical Metallurgy & Materials Design Laboratory under the direction of Wei Xiong. The proposal that won him the fellowship is titled “Integrated Computational Design of Graded Alloys Made with Additive Manufacturing.” Sargent says, “Words cannot express how thankful and excited I am to receive this award. I look forward to starting graduate school in the fall and continuing my studying at the University of Pittsburgh.” 

Contact: Meagan Lenze