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Pittsburgh chosen as pilot site for NAS/NAE program; Swanson School faculty chosen as first ambassadors

PITTSBURGH  (May 31, 2012) ... The  Center for Energy  today announced that  Dr. Brian Gleeson , Director, and  Dr. Gregory Reed , Associate Director, have been chosen to be among the first ambassadors for the  Science & Engineering Ambassador Program . This new initiative from the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering was created to build on the respect people hold for scientists and engineers and to address the need for a greater popular understanding of scientific issues.

"Pitt's Center for Energy is both honored and excited to be an active participant in this novel Science & Engineering Ambassador Program. We fully support the leadership of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering in promoting awareness of energy-related technologies to the Pittsburgh community and beyond," says Dr. Gleeson.

Adds Dr. Reed, "Part of our efforts as ambassadors will be to promote various aspects of science and engineering in the energy related fields, with one focus on educating community and opinion leaders on the importance of greater public understanding of scientific and engineering issues. Another key aspect will be to take that message to the K-12 level to provide young people with an understanding of the opportunities in these exciting and dynamic fields. This will provide students with a basic understanding of the importance of science and engineering through various programs and events that will be developed as part of the Pittsburgh pilot project.

"The Center for Energy's already established outreach activities, including existing efforts at the K-12 level, can be greatly enhanced through the Ambassador program."

The Center for Energy will assist in engaging members of the community at all levels including industry, professional engineering societies, private and non-profit organizations, schools and other institutions on establishing a better understanding of the comprehensive challenges and opportunities as it relates to future energy development and sustainability.

Read today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about the program here.

For more information on the Science & Engineering Ambassador Program, please visit:   http://www.scienceambassadors.org/


Contact: Paul Kovach