07:00 AM

The Science of Gingerbread

Benedum Hall has never looked sweeter. 

A team from the Pitt Makerspace constructed a gingerbread-inspired Benedum Hall, home of the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering, for the holiday season. Using a pre-existing computational model of the building, the team used a laser cutter to carve the individual pieces from cardboard. In lieu of frosting and gumdrops, a hot glue gun was used for assembly. The structure was then painted to make it more cookie-like. 

The structure is on display inside the lobby of Benedum Hall. 

Special thanks to the following students:

Nickolai Miller, project lead

Chris Beatty

Rachel Eskander

Juan Hernandez

Natan Herzog

Abby Neubert 

Kim Pettersen

Ilana Schimmel

Nate Yonamine

And Makerspace directors Brandon Barber, Design, Innovation and Outreach Coordinator, and Daniel Yates, Designer and Innovation Project Coordinator, for their support and direction.