22:36 PM

MEMS Professor Publishes in Science

Science photo

Guofeng Wang, materials science professor, along with other top experts in the field, published a perspective review on high entropy nanomaterials in the high-impact journal SCIENCE. The article is titled “High-entropy nanoparticles: Synthesis-structure-property relationships and data-driven discovery.”  

Wang hopes this publication will lead to future technological breakthroughs in this area of research. He notes, “Metal nanoparticles are widely employed in many technologically significant applications, such as catalysis, energy storage and conversion, drug delivery, and medical devices. The homogeneous mixing of multiple elements (more than four constituents) in individual high-entropy alloy nanoparticles potentially offers synergistic physiochemical properties as compared with single element nanoparticles. Therefore, the ongoing research in [my] group at Pitt aims to understand the synthesis-structure-property relation of high-entropy alloy nanoparticles and accelerate the development of high-entropy alloy nanoparticles with emerging properties using data-driven machine learning approaches.”

Similarly, another MEMS professor, Wei Xiong, is also conducting research on high-entropy alloys and recently received a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award to fund his research.  Read the full article HERE