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Students Show Off Their Engineering Innovation at Spring Design EXPO

Each semester, students at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering get the chance to show off their creativity and highlight their designs at the Design EXPO, held this year in the University Club on April 22, 2022. Students prepared their displays showcasing their work from the School’s Capstone Design courses or highlighted concepts and prototypes from the Product Realization and Art of Making courses. 

The students presented their projects, and judges from industry visited the booths in turn to talk with students and view their work. 

“Engineering is all about solving problems and finding opportunities for innovation, and the Design EXPO shows that our students are already doing exactly that,” said Mary Besterfield-Sacre, associate dean for academic affairs and Nickolas A. DeCecco Professor of industrial engineering. “They put their newly learned engineering skills to good use, and they never fail to impress with their ingenuity and creativity.”  

This year’s winners are: 



Best Overall Project 
Laser-Pointer-Following Robot B (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
(From left) Guangdong Li (instructor), Mohamed Bayoumy (instructor), Steve Jacobs (instructor), Brian Arrington, Eric Copeland, Charles Peters.
(Students not pictured: Kayla Santos and Matthew Kevicki)





People's Choice Award
e-Clusivity: Making Communication Accessible for Deaf Esports Athletes (Art of Making)
(From left) Aidan Beecher, Caden Schiffer, Owen Gaskill, Lucas Connell, Jordan Shopp, Kennedy Snook, Lucas Bayer, Lucy Strazis, Joseph Samosky (instructor)


Department Awards


1st Place Ambulatory External Female Urinary Catheter
Oluwadamilola Ayoola, Grace Figlioli, Emily Hearty, Matt Kart, Nathaniel Mitrik, Emily Molitoris, Angela Stumpo, Emily Zuris 

2nd Place The Design of a Bariatric Ultrasound Trainer for the Suxhiphoid Cardiac View 
Celia Davis, Emily Finelli, Sean Graves, Emma Hartnett, Garima Patel, Apurva Rane, Kangxin Wang 

3rd Place Pediatric IV Site Stabilization Device 
Reetwan Bandyopadhyay, Sydney Borcherding, Pooja Chawla, McKenzie Dowd, Adarsh Mallepally, Darini Rajesh, Jessie Rindfleisch, Alyssa Zehner 

Civil and Environmental Engineering

1st Place Frazier Street Bridge 
Joseph W. Cestare, Chase K. McNulty, William J. Neely, Bailey R. Ziencik, Aron L. Griffin 

2nd Place Land Based Fish Farming
Ryan Clark, Paul D. Gillis, Benjamin M. Jarmusz, Kirsten M. Lipsky, Ekaterina Slozina 

3rd Place Bubble Curtain
Logan Dyer, Ammie Faunce, Melina N. Hudson, Jack C. Richards, Jessica E. Scheler 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

1st Place Laser-Pointer-Following Robot B 
Brian Arrington, Eric Copeland, Matthew Kevicki, Charles Peters, Kayla Santos 

2nd Place BPMI- Garden/Lawn Data Collection System 
Brian M Bianchi, Lizzie Seward, Ethan Vukelich, Gregory Wagonblast 

3rd Place Fruit-Picking Robot 
Jordan Athas, Jefferson Boothe, Meara Murphy, Maria D Mysliwiec 

Industrial Engineering

1st Place Mars Area School District: Maintenance Operations  
Hannah Boyd, Xiayu Chen, Adam Dole, Nadjah Kamara,Yuhang Liu 

2nd Place St. Clair Hospital: Emergency Department Mental Health Patient Intake Process 
Laurel C Bednar, Jacob D Farrah, Bhavana S Kusumba, Jack Murray 

3rd Place Kennametal: Big Data on Grinding Operations 
Spencer Metz, Elijah Smith, Jiaxin Tian, Haoran Zhao 

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

1st Place Autonomous Vehicle Stereo Vision Sensor Package Design 
Ariel Amar, Frank Czura, Paige McCullough 

2nd Place Design and Optimization of Point-of-Care Maxillo-Mandibular Measurement Tool
Anna Barton, Sophia Pernick, Christian Reiber, Alex Rossman, Angus Spencer 

3rd Place Bi-Axial Tensioning Device for Use in Ocular Tissue Microscopy 
Frieda Jones, Isabella Mailer, Katherine O’Malley, Emma Skub 

Art of Making: Hands-On System Design and Engineering

1st Place Spill the Beans: Encouraging Childhood Expression 
Sam Alfieri, Phoebe Katz,Yugma Patel, Annabella Peretti, Jerome Poravanthattil, Josh Rioux 

2nd Place Pad Place: Facilitating Electrode Placement for Physical Therapy 
Anna George, Aakash Kottakota, Connor LaMarca, John Marsala, Ritesh Shrivastav 

Product Realization

1st Place SDD Frugal Engineering 
Tori Coughlan, Amelia Dubendorf, Emma Hartnett, Ylan Phan, Katie Richmond 

2nd Place Helmet Integrity System
Erik Haueisen, Gabby Kuhns, Mia Satory, Steven Schultz, Emily Walkenhorst