15:52 PM

Tranquilift Team Deploys Device in Barbershop

A barber from Dubois, PA approached a team of engineers and rehabilitation experts from the University of Pittsburgh to develop a device that would help individuals with physical disabilities have a more tailored, comfortable, and safe experience at the salon. 

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The Tranquilift successfully elevates and tilts individuals who use a wheelchair so that activities like a haircut are more accessible. The first iteration of the device was completed in late 2020, and one year later – after some further evaluation and revisions – Tranquilift 2.0 was successfully tested on users at Chuck Sallow’s barbershop.

“We got feedback from one of Chuck’s clients who said he felt secure and was able to load and unload with ease,” said Anna Dzuricky, a bioengineering graduate student who is leading the development of Tranquilift. “It was cool to see our device in action. We also had the opportunity to evaluate the experience with the client and brainstorm new ways to improve the device.

“Our next step is to make further revisions to ensure that the TranquiLift solution is a cost effective, easily operable, portable and simple way of providing everyone with that authentic barbershop experience.”