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Wei Xiong Faculty Fellow Award

Wei Xiong, assistant professor of materials science, is one of two recipients of the 2021 Early Career Faculty Fellow Award given by The Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society (TMS). This award recognizes assistant professors for their accomplishments that have advanced the academic institution where employed, and for abilities to broaden the technological profile of TMS. Xiong will receive free travel and registration to two TMS annual meetings and will be given technical support and guidance in developing new programming for TMS symposiums.

Department Chair, Professor Brian Gleeson notes, “Dr. Xiong is a tireless and dedicated educator and researcher. Moreover, he is remarkably good at the essential skills required for academic success. His considerable professional service is equally impressive. His outstanding communication skills coupled with his sound understanding of the fundamental aspects of his research make him a standout in any academic or research arena. He is truly exceptional.”

Since joining the MEMS Department in 2016, Xiong became Director of the Physical Metallurgy and Materials Design Laboratory. His current research focuses on advancing the fundamental aspects of alloy design using both computational and experimental approaches. In collaboration with fellow MEMS professor Albert To, he established the MOST-AM (Modeling and Optimization Simulation Tools for Additive Manufacturing) consortium which has seen much success since its inception with 25 industry members and 7 government agency members. He has received funding from several prestigious sources such as NASA, ONR, NSF and DOE.

Xiong says of the award, “TMS provides a phenomenal platform for junior metallurgists to collaborate with and learn from other researchers and engineers in our community. I am immensely honored to receive this prestigious award and will continue to support various activities organized by the TMS.”

Contact: Meagan Lenze